Linden Comansa (Construcciones Metalicas Comansa S.A.) is one of the leading global manufacturers of tower cranes. The Company offers full range of products developed in accordance with the Flat-TOP module system and cutting-edge technologies.
As of today the Linden Comansa catalogue contains 41 models of tower cranes and 12 models of wheeled cranes, maximum lifting capacity from 4 to 64 tons. Having such full range of products, Linden Comansa provides solutions for all kinds of construction activities:  civil, commercial, industrial, welfare, infrastructure, mining industry, etc.
The Company’s plant, opened in 2005, has been created at the state-of-the-art level that enables to speed up production, arrange logistics, shorten the time of delivery and offer competitive prices. Since the establishment of the Company in 1960 Linden Comansa has manufactured more than 16000 cranes and it has dealership in more than 60 countries in 5 continents.


The STROS -Sedlčanské STROJÍRNY, a.s. company, established in 1960, is the leading manufacturer of lifts and elevators in the world. The Company produces and delivers the following products:

– Construction materials and passenger elevators (lifting capacity from 600 to 3200 kg, one or two cages per mast)
– Cargo elevators (lifting capacity from 200 to 2000 kg)
– Special and permanent lifts                                                                                                                                                           – Cradle cages (length from 2 to 12 m)
– Working platforms (bearing capacity from 1000 to 3000 kg)
The Company’s products preferred on the basis of quality and reliability criteria ensures as follows:
*Long-term operation
*High resistance to damage and wear
*Low maintenance cost
*Easy servicing.


CAMAC – Manufacture of cargo and passenger elevators and platforms of lifting capacity from с 100 to 4000 kg.

 pfeifer  diepa

PFEIFER, PFEIFER-DRAKO, DIEPA – Production of steel-wire ropes, slings, guy lines, rigging.

SMAG_GroupCompany heppenstall-technology-ag-L86593 woko_logo

SMAG, WOKO, HAPPENSTALL, PEINER – Manufacture of industrial and special equipment (grab buckets, spreaders, gripping mechanisms for flat rolled stock and coiled stock, electromagnets).


FERRIT – Production of mine equipment (ground, suspended diesel locomotives, storage battery locomotives, mine cars).