Project department

  • Work Execution Plan (WEP)
  • Foundation design
  • Interfloor bracing production design
  • Construction arrangement design


  • Tower cranes
  • Construction and cargo-passengers hoists
  • Steel-wire ropes  (round, flat)
  • Special hoisting equipment (spreaders, electromagnets, grabs)
  • Original spare parts


  • Erection
  • Disassembling
  • Service maintenance
  • Maintenance

Construction works

  • Masonry work (brick masonry, granite, rubble, paving slabs)
  • Concrete works (manufacturing, installation and dismantling of formwork, concrete laying in formwork)
  • Finishing works (painting, facing, plastering, etc.)
  • Repair work
  • Welding works

Our company has all required approvals for execution of the above activities.